Gym_shoes As many people know and can relate to losing weight when you have ADD / ADHD can be challenging. Eating right and exercising consistently takes a lot of hard work. The actual weight loss itself brings on some challenges too.

I knew that I'd need to get some new clothes while losing weight. Part of my really loves the fact that I'm wearing smaller clothes. Part of me also find it's very annoying that I have to shop for new clothes that actually fit.

What I never thought of was that I'd really need new shoes too. I did notice that some of my shoes were loose and roomy. I didn't think much about it because they were still comfortable. I seriously had to have my sneakers fall off at the gym to realize I needed a smaller size!

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    • Russ

      Yay I never had my shoes fall off but loosing weight with ADHD is really hard. We eat out of boredom and some emotions.

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