Time management with ADD / ADHD is just so much fun! Over the past couple of weeks I have found myself double booking appointments a few different times. The good news is that I caught the double bookings before it was too late. I didn't miss any of the appointments and I wasn't charged any money for canceling too late. It's still a hassle though.

I've identified the problems too. When I getting appointment cards I failed to enter them into my calendar. Also, I failed to take out my calendar when booking appointments. The combo of both of these two were not good for me. So, now it's time to get into the habit of first looking at my calendar and keeping it out until AFTER I enter the new appointment into it.

Wow, that seems like such a simple solution…I guess I had to deal with some consequences before actually thinking to use it.

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    • Jess

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      Be Well 🙂

    • Heather @smart_spaces

      Thank you for reminding me that we are all human. I had a bad month for time management last month including technical issues with syncing smart phone with computer calendar. I like pen and paper – it helps me remember appointments when I actually write them instead of typing them.

      Love your blog.

    • Chris

      Future topic for discussion. I’m very interested in finding an integrated technology solution for managing my life with ADHD. It’s kind of intimidating researching from square one. Would love if part of the work was already done – e.g. top 3 integrated tools for ADHD (with comments about features that are especially helpful for our tendencies). I feel like I need to speak with a “systems analyst” who can listen to my requirements and lifestyle and come back with what I should buy! Anyone else feel this way?

    • Liz

      I just did this. I am so angry at myself. I caught it before it was too late. No one believes I have ADD and I’ve yet to find help. I’m female and almost 30 so I don’t “fit the profile.” I’ve tried keeping appointment books, entering things in my phone, writing things down, using Outlook, nothing works.

      Sometimes I feel it’s hopeless.

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