So, I have decided to participate in the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge and write 30 posts in 30 days on my blog. Today's challenge is to write an Acrostic for the health condition I am an activist for. I started out really ambitious and was going to do ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER. Well that was a bit too much so I decided on just ADHD.





 1 out of 30 is done!! Wish me luck on doing ALL 30!

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    • Amy K

      Nice work! I am so excited to see you participating in the challenge. I wrote mine (on my WEGO Health blog) on Fibromyalgia, not the only condition I am an activist for, but the one that I probably deal with the most at this point.

      I hope I can keep up with the challenge, too!

    • Bali Wellness

      hi, nice blog 🙂

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