Rentasmile A common question I get from clients and that I see from Adults with ADD / ADHD all over the internet is "How Do I get everything Done?".

One way is to work with an ADHD Coach or take a class like Adult ADD BootCamp to learn and develop effective systems and strategies. As an ADHD Coach one strategy I recommend is Delegation. You do NOT have to do everything yourself!

As Adults with ADD / ADHD it's often the smaller items like making a phone call that we put off doing. Of course not getting them done often have unpleasant consequences too.

Why not get somebody else to do them for you? I just came accross a service called Rent a Smile which offers both business and PERSONAL assistance. Their fees are VERY affordable and range from $35-$55 per month for personal assistance which comes out to about $1.50 per task. They also offer a FREE 1 week trial where you can have them  do up to 5 tasks.

I haven't tried Rent a Smile out myself for personal assistance yet because I haven't decided what tasks to have them do. After some planning I am going to give them a try. If you try them out, let me know how it goes and what you had Rent a Smile do for YOU.

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    • Sue

      What an interesting idea. How do they actually do the work for you?

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