Over the past few weeks I have had some great guests on ADHD Support Talk Radio. Don't worry if you missed the live shows you can still listen on the ADHD Support Talk Radio Show site. This past week I interviewed Kerin Bellak-Adams about Self-Esteem , Success and ADD / ADHD. Other recent shows include Time Management Issues and ADD / ADHD with Dan Pruitt and Creativity and ADD / ADHD with Bryan Hutchinson.

What part of these shows did you find the most helpful? What topics and guests would you like to hear on future ADHD Support Talk Radio Shows? What else would you like to hear more of on the show? Leave me a comment.

    3 replies to "Self-Esteem, Time Management and Creativity"

    • Mary

      I would love to hear more on improving interpersonal relations. My twin 14 year old girls are both adhd and this is a struggle for them

    • Elizabeth

      I would be interested in hearing more about driving and adhd. I’ve read several articles recently about adhd teens and driving, but I’m also interested in the challenges around driving that adhd adults face.

    • Elizabeth

      Forgot this one: a show about teachers with /teaching when you have adhd

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