Here's a few books that I have been sent recently and have been meaning to review:


The first one is the Complete Idiot's Guide to Adult ADHD by Eileen Bailey and Donald Haupt M.D. This is a very useful and reader friendly book about Adult  ADD / ADHD. It gives the reader the basics of Adult ADD /ADHD. It's a nice reference to add to an ADD Library or to the rest of your ADD / ADHD books that are scattered through your home!


Navigating_adhd The next book is Navigating ADHD: Your Guide to the Flip Side of ADHD by  Tracey Bromley Goodwin and  Holly Oberacker. This is a great guide for Parents of Children with ADD / ADHD. It also has a great set up and is easy to read. There are some helpful charts and table in the book too.


Success The 3rd books is AD/HD SUCCESS! Solutions for Boosting Self-Esteem: The Diary Method for Ages 7-17 by Kerin Bellak-Adams. This is a great and different type of book. It's a useful workbook that parents can use with their children. You can learn more about the book by listening to Self-Esteem , Success and ADD / ADHD with Kerin Bellak-Adams on ADHD Support Talk Radio.

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