Yesterday on Twitter I got some great questions about ADHD Coaching. I am using this blog post to answers them

Do you think ADHD coaching could help a person undiagnosed but w/add traits in organizing, time, etc?

Coaching itself is helpful to most people with or with out ADD / ADHD. If you have ADD / ADHD traits that are presenting challenges in your life working with an ADD / ADHD Coach could be very helpful. If you aren't sure if you actually have ADD / ADHD, I recommend looking for a coach who is also trained as a general coach. This is also a great questions to ask potential coaches when you screen them before hiring them. 

How much independent work does the avg client do out of coaching & can a coach help them plan in time to do it?

The Coaching process continues after your actual coaching session ends. The strategies and systems are meant to be used in day to day life. Practicing the strategies and systems are a 24/7 a type of thing. How much work or "home work" differs depending on a client's goal.  Also, coaching helps people work smarter instead of harder. Clients may end up spending less time "working" than they did before they started coaching. Yes, ADHD Coaches do help their clients come up with a plan.

Should I be un-overwhelmed before starting coaching?

I'm not quite sure about working with a general life coach but ADHD Coaches are trained to work with Overwhelmed clients. Many of our clients come to us because they are in complete overwhelm. Developing strategies and system that work with your brain will help to reduce Overwhelm.

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    • Daniel

      I imagine that hiring a ADD Coach might be cost restrictive for many families, especially in situations where multiple individuals are dealing with ADD, as is the case in my family.

      Are there options of getting services like this covered through health insurance, in situations where the individual is clinically diagnosed with ADD by a doctor? Are these specialists referred to as therapist rather than coaches?

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