It was announced this week that Shire is offering a Scholarship for college students with ADD / ADHD. They will be awarding 25 scholarships of $2000 each and full year of ADHD Coaching. It's open to US citizens accepted to or attending an approved college, university, vocational or technical school as an undergraduate student that have been diagnosed with ADHD and are under the care of a licensed health care professional for ADHD.

The Deadline to submit applications is July 7, 2011.

Learn more now at:

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    • D0on bergh

      I was diagnosed with such things as Bipalar, cyclothymic, antisocial, bipolar II, disthymic, depressed, chemically dependent, narcisstic, anxiety disorder and even placed in groups for slow students. I was in TX by, Reiki, Ralphing, hypnotesm, acupunture, exorsist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, primal theripy, rebirthing,psysic surgury,sensory deprovation, counnselors of diverse prfessionals. Treated with at least 20 types of medication when my diagnosis was accurate and treated with the correct medications my life weas changed , my signs and synptoms improved remarkably

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