If you listened ADHD Support Talk Radio yesterday with my guest Laura Rolands you heard me talking about about productive procrastination. I don’t remember who I first heard the term productive procrastination from but the terms really “clicks” for me. It’s also something I’ve been doing this past week with my blog.

I’ve been procrastinating for over week when it comes to writing blog posts. It’s something that was on my list to do but it just didn’t get done. Working on revamping some of my websites and spending time on Twitter seemed to take a much higher priority over the past week. The thing is that I was quite productive over this past week too.

Last week I was supposed to be writing about ADHD and Exercise with some other ADHD Coaches. While I didn’t make the time to write about exercising I did make it a priority to actually exercise in the past week. So, that seems like a win for me there too.

This may be one of the times when my procrastination has served me well. I guess it’s nice to have procrastination be a good thing every now and then. Believe me it usually isn’t a good thing for me. My procrastination usually leads to some not so nice consequences.

I don’t procrastinate as often or as long as I used to but as an Adult with ADHD I do still have challenges around procrastination. I know that many of my blog readers can also relate. That’s why I decided to stop procrastinating about my blog and write this post.

I also want to make sure you are aware of next weeks FREE ADDClasses.com Teleseminar with Laura Rolands. On Tuesday May 31st at 9:00 pm (New York Time) the Live Teleseminar Procrastination and ADD / ADHD: Strategies for the Real World takes place. If you can’t make it live you will also be able to listen to a recording for 1 Week.

You must register BEFORE the class starts though. So make sure you DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Sign up now!!!

Laura Rolands a is regular presenter at ADDClasses.com and these classes of hers can be found in the ADD Audio Library.

ADD / ADHD Work and You

  • Focusing at Work: Pay Attention in a Chaotic World
  • Got Time? Productivity Through Time Management
  • Practical Strategies for Setting Priorities
  • Procrastination and ADD / ADHD: Strategies for the Real World
  • Self-Coaching for ADD / ADHD Gain Focus, Manage Time and Pay Attention
  • Taming the To-Do List with Effective Prioritizing
  • Time Management Answers for Adults with ADD / ADHD

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