Like Sleeping, eating is also a very important part of self-care. Also like sleeping, many people with ADD / ADHD have challenges when it comes to eating. Eating healthy takes planning which doesn't always come natural to those of us with ADD / ADHD. When we fail to plan we tend to make poor food choices or even forget to eat.

As an ADHD Coach I ask and remind my clients about self-care. Forgeting to eat and not planning to eat are HUGE issues for many of my clients.  For some just choosing and scheduling time to eat can make a world of difference to many of my ADHD Coaching Clients. Alarms and reminders are also very helpful!

I can relate to this too! This morning I made an appointment to be out of my house earlier than most days. I am not a morning person, don't function well in the morning, and really don't do too well making ANY decisions in the morning. Of course what do you think I forgot about this morning? Yes, you guessed it BREAKFAST.

After doing my final check before leaving I walked out the door and realized I forgot to eat. Luckily for me I had some quick and healthily foods on hand. I've learned that I don't always make good food choices and have trouble making decisions. It's important for me to have some healthy and ready to eat food choices on hand.

What about you? What do you do to make better food choices? How do you remember to eat and eat healthly foods?

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    • mary jones

      Very intreasting, as an ADD diagnosed person i can totaly related to this, often i just skip meals for reasons that im distracted or busy with other things, many things in fact hehe, but id like bring somthing to the conversation and talk about ADD diets, many types of food have been considered helpfull. Research have showned that many nutriment are ADD/ADHD helpers,one of them is the krill oil, this chart shows very much what im talking about,

      I personally started using their products and i was able to be way more efficient at my work, i think its all about the omega3 in them

    • Elizabeth

      I think sometimes hyperfocus screws me up – especially if I’m in a rush to leave in the morning and only focused on getting out of the door (also NOT a morning person). This afternoon I was trying to finish a task and just couldn’t so I told myself “no lunch until you’re done!” Stopped and checked in with a friend chatting at the ADD Action Club, and we decided since I was hungry, I should eat, then work. I was up for the plan, but somehow the next time I noticed, 2 hours had passed, I felt blah, my task was almost done, and I hadn’t eaten anything. No idea why I didn’t just go eat lunch the first time, but I suspect hyperfocus.

    • KathiD

      This is a big problem for me. I always have the feeling of being rushed (at my own direction) and taking time to plan or even prepare food is excruciating. I end up eating whatever is on hand that takes the least amount of time to prepare or eat. I also hate grocery shopping, which doesn’t help with meal preparation. The grocery store is overwhelming to me, with dozens of choices on every aisle. It takes me forever and I often get home with many bags of food and “nothing to eat.”

      I don’t have any helpful tips, because I haven’t been able to manage it myself.

    • perfit gym

      Just a passerby… I’m not really an ADHD type of person but I’m as lazy as a hippo and I want to answer the question. To remember when to eat at the right time and to eat good food, I’d just think of those wasted days when i was sick. It just sucks when I can’t do the things I want to do because I just can’t(I’m freaking sick!!!). Also, if I’ve had a healthy diet for about some time and I’m craving for something good and junky, I’d take a diet day off so I wont die.

    • Health Beauty Tips

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    • Carol

      Skipping meals is really a no no. Always eat on time and make it a habit as it would be really your ticket to staying healthy.

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