My previous post Planning to Eat and Remembering to Eat had a lot of comments from readers who related to what I wrote about. Many of my readers have challenges when it comes to planning and preparing food. So what are some solutions to this?

One would be to work with and ADHD Coach who can help you develop systems to plan and prepare food and to actually remember to eat. An ADHD Coach could help you become aware of all the small and often over looked steps to eating healthy. Once you are aware of the sometimes overlooked and forgotten steps you could develop a system to get these things done.

If you're like me and hate to cook and shop you might need some short cuts. For the days when I for numerous reason can't, won't or don't want to prepare healthy food, I have some quick easy and healthy food on hand.

Here are my short cut foods I like to have on hand:

Hard Boiled Eggs – Unless you can find a store that sells already cooked hard boiled eggs you need to do some prep work. Yes, some stores do sell them! Once or Twice a week you will need to boil some eggs and then put them in your fridge. No, it doesn't seem hard but I get distracted on my way to boil eggs.

Low Sodium V8 – I know it shouldn't be hard to cook or even eat raw vegetable. There are days where it just doesn't happen. I'm still not crazy about the taste of V8 Juice but it does the job. I drink the Low Sodium V8 because it's also high in potassium.

Boost Glucose Control – I came across Boost Glucose Control when I was looking for something on the idea of Slim Fast. I wanted something that was high in protein and lower in carbs. Interestingly enough the Boost Glucose Control has more protein than the Boost High Protein Drink.

Oatmeal and Raw Almonds are a couple of other foods which I have found helpful for me to have around the house. The Raw almonds are actually a food I have in my car. I've come to realize that nothing good will ever come from going through a Drive-Thru. Having the raw almonds in my car can hold me over so I can choose a heathly option to drive to.

With these type of foods on hand it can be as simple as setting an alarm to go and eat (or drink).

    3 replies to "Simple Foods to Have on Hand"

    • Adult ADD Coach

      I like V8 juice as a way to get vegetables in as well. I, too, am not crazy about the taste. You can add Tabasco sauce to give it a little better taste.

    • Christopher E P

      Thanks so much for the article. Also, just wanted to say keep up the great work on your article and blog in general. Really great lay out and design.

    • kc

      those are the exact foods I always have around!!

      I used also always have a zone bar with me, but lamented that they had far too much sugar…now I carry the Kashi TLC bars…not as much protein, but I do have the almonds with me, too.

      Trying to find a homemade bar I can have at hand that addresses the protein/carb issue…

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