When I first got online years ago looking for ADD / ADHD Support I found an ADD / ADHD Chat Room. It was great to connect with others and talk about ADD / ADHD. Back then there was a VERY active Yahoo ADD Support Chat Room. I just took a look to see if the chat room is still there. It is there under Health and Wellness but it's not too active anymore.

There are some other ADD / ADHD Chat Rooms around:

Women with ADHD: Free Member Support Chats take place on Monday and Thursday at 9:30 pm Eastern. The Chat is free to registered member and membership is free.

ADDClasses.com – We have just added chat to our FREE Telesmeminars. Registered Teleseminar Participants can chat with each other while listening to the Teleseminars.

ADHD Support Talk Radio – We have a chat room open during our live show on Tuesday at 12:30 pm Eastern. Listeners can connect with each other during the live show.

ADHD Awareness – The ADHD Awareness site now has an chat room and forum. Registration is FREE and the Chat is open 24/7.

ADD Action Club – The ADD Action Club is a chat and forum based coaching program. It helps people to stop procrastinating and get into action.

I will also be making an announcement later this summer about some additional interactive ADD / ADHD Support Programs. So make sure you are subscribed to this blog and my email list!

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    • Pursuit of Focus

      Thanks for these resources! Its nice to know that there are people out there willing to give support at any time of the day.

    • newname12345678934@yahoo.com

      My name is Steven ,and I have just been on 90 mgs of Adderall for almost 3 yrs..Now I have been switched to Desoxyn 25 mgs a day? my new meds seem cleaner I just want what’s best for my health…any help would be great .

    • Nikki Patterson

      Help me please my 6 year old son is ADHD and he was put on 10 mg of Adderall! Then had mood swings so the dr switched him to ridalin and that was do not his med! So the dr put him on 20 mg of Adderall and he does great with it except for ocassional mood swings which is so not him! He is the sweetest kid ever! Is there anything that they can add to help? I’m desperate to help him!!!

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