As an ADHD Expert I understand that there is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion surrounding ADD / ADHD medications. While I am not a medical professional and do not give advice about medication I can and do recommend medication resources. I have 3 resources that I want make sure my blog readers know about!

ADD / ADHD Medication Resource #1

Laurie-photo Next Tuesday at 12:30 pm EDT I will be joined by Laurie Dupar on ADHD Support Talk Radio to discuss Problems with ADD / ADHD Medications. Laurie Dupar has very impressive professional background as an ADHD Coach and a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. I am really looking forward to her joining me on ADHD Support Talk Radio. As always if you can't listen live you can listen to the show in the ADHD Support Talk Radio Archives.


ADD / ADHD Medication Resource #2

KHHeadshotcopy-150x150 Last November Dr. Kenny Handelman presented the Teleseminar ADHD Medication Answers through If you missed it or want to listen and download this informative Teleseminar it's available in the ADD Audio Library with more than 100 other ADD / ADHD Classes. You may also purchase the single mp3 recording of ADHD Medication Answers


 ADD / ADHD Medication Resource #3

Mms2 The AD/HD Medication Matters Summit was designed to help you, the consumer, understand your options when it comes to using medications to treat you or your child's AD/HD. Prominent neuropsychiatrist Theresa Cerulli, MD will be joining my friend and colleague, Jennifer Koretsky, in this online summit to teach you everything you need to know about AD/HD and medications. This online event takes place June 14th and June 15th. 

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    • Robin

      I was 32 when I was diagnosed with ADD (I’m 50 now.) It took quite a few years to get my meds right and everything was great up till six months ago when ol man lost his job and we lost our medical insurance. My doctor always writes my scripts for 3 months at a time. I was expecting to pay up to a couple hundred dollars for my script, but when they told me it would be $2114.00 I almost died. I can’t come up with that kind of money. I cant even come up with enough to buy then one month at a time. It’s been 6 months since I have had my meds and my life is spiraling out of control. I have been everywhere trying to get help. County mental health told me they have had so many financial cuts that they no longer offer any help with scripts. Does anyone know how or where I can go to get help with the cost of my meds. Everything around me is falling apart. I need my meds. My house looks like a tornado hit inside. My bills are all over the house or lost. Everything I touch is messed up. HELP!!! Without my meds I’m going to loose my mind and everything else.


      One of the issues that is not addressed thoroughly enough is when after being on medication for an extended time, the development of slight tics and how to be able to continue with the medication while not advancing tics. Stopping the medication often takes the individual back to go and then the frustration of not having their world work as well is exacerbated. Once an individual is aware of better daily functioning, it is very unsettling to go back. Why does the medication effect on the body change after it has worked so well for so long.

    • kristina sakwoich

      How can I get a closed minded very YOUNG Lic. Clin. Social Worker who I had one 45 min session with during a crisis in my menopausal life to reconsider the misdiagnosis on B-polar based on my ‘insomnia’ (again menopausal) rapid speech, racing thoughts and impulsivitry. My life came crashing down and I crashed after taking care of home/family of 9 basically by myself. It was bound to happen, so after I moved out temporarily I started thinking next step and that was to try to go college while working. That she is ‘grandiose’ thinking. I’ve NEVER EVER had any manic episodes, I got PPD after each of 8 deliveries and I am welbutrin still to help me w/some mild depression (although, I think I can off it cuz I am not depressed at all anymore,) and it helps with my ADHD somewhat. I need to find new therapist who won’t recommend mood stabilizers for bi-polar to Nurse practioner for med treatment. Bi-polar on medical record can hurt alot as far as jobs, insurance and the like. I don’t fit any of the bi-polar criteria but because I get mood swings she called that Bi-polar 2 rapid cycling. This YOUNG ignorant LCSW needs an education on the similarities of bi-polar and severe combined ADHD. So what can I do as recourse?

    • RR

      Treating my adult ADHD has made a huge diference in my ability to complete writing projects. I have more concentration and follow through. Getting prescription from a physician and finding a reliable Canadian pharmacy has made a difference for my writing and many other things.

    • Robin

      I have found that is reliable.

    • Robin



      I was diagbosed at age 6 put on meds
      At age 13 nwvwr got off of it unril i was 24!!! I SUPUDLY acrewed myself my life!that medication makes my world everything…butt sane as alot of ppl i cnt get a doctor…nothinnnng works. Have to.wait months and months to get ur old meds back..wthhh?? Pleasee sunone tell me sumwea to go without dought get it and start my life again im in boston area…weymouth MA02188????????

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