Jen_7222 This past week I was joined by my friend and colleague Jennifer Koretsky on ADHD Support Talk Radio. The topic for this show was Hopelessness and ADD / ADHD and we hoped that this topic would be helpful to many of the ADHD Support Talk Radio listeners. So far we have been getting some great feedback including this comment below.

Just listened to the show. Was having one of those hopeless kind of days yesterday, so this was very timely for me. Thanks!

Take a listen to Hopelessness and ADD / ADHD and let is know what you think!

    2 replies to "Feeling Hopeless"

    • Miriam

      I will have a listen to the show, I had no idea it existed until now because when you struggle with ADHD Symptoms, you definitely feel alone.

    • Robin

      ADD is hopeless every day.
      I’m on an antidepressant and a stimulant and each day is a screw up waiting to happen. Relationships fail because of US, our jobs fail because of US.
      Trying to put s smiley face on a bleeding wound doesn’t change the situation. You’re still bleeding, still hopeless.
      Why bother? No one wants our excuses! They want competency!!!!

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