Dana This week my guest on ADHD Support Talk Radio was ADD Success Coach Dana Rayburn. Dana and I discussed the problems, challenges and solutions to eating healthy when you have ADD / ADHD. If you missed the live show Healthy Eating and ADD / ADHD you can listen to anytime in the ADHD Support Talk Radio archives and on iTunes. We been hearing from people saying that they've already begun implementing some of the tips that Dana talked about on the show.

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    • John Samuels, AYCNP

      I definitely agree that healthy eating is an important part of ADHD maintenance and treatment, really anyone struggling with mental health difficulties should give attention to nutrition. A low sugar diet with little in the way of refined carbohydrates is of value. Some take it further by going organic. That saves you a lot of effort if it worries you. There are plenty of organic food stores out there now if you can afford it. Overcoming ADHD Without Medication – https://www.createspace.com/3410900

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