I hope you will join me at the Virtual AD/HD Conference in October! I will be presenting
The AD/HD Action Plan: Stop Procrastinating, Get into Action and Stay in Action.

Adults, Teens and Children with AD/HD are often challenged with procrastination, motivation and momentum. In this session participants will learn how to develop their own action plans to get into action and stay in action. The AD/HD Action plan will help participants identify the challenges and barriers which get them stuck. It will also help participants identify and use strategies to get into action and keep the momentum going They will learn to develop and use a step by step process to be successful and productive with tasks, projects and goals. The AD/HD Action Plan can be used with Children, Teens, and Adults with AD/HD.


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    • david

      thanks so much for alerting the ADHD community to this important conference – online events are very practical both financially and travel-wise.

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