AdultADDTimeMng120x240 I can’t believe August is almost over! I’ve been having a busy month month working on the ADHD Awareness Expo and getting ready to present at the Virtual AD/HD Conference in October. I’ve had some great guests join me on ADHD Support Talk Radio too. I’ve also been working with the team to bring you the Adult ADD Time Management Intensive.

I am really excited to join forces with Laura Rolands for the brand new 4 week Adult ADD Time Management Intensive. If you don’t know Laura Rolands you can take a listen to her on ADHD Support Talk Radio discussing Time Management Struggles and ADD / ADHD.

This 4 Week program begins on September 8th. We’ve already been having HUGE interest in the Adult ADD Time Management Intensive and I am expecting the Enhanced section to sell out before the end of this week.

Laura Rolands a is regular presenter at and these classes of hers can be found in the ADD Audio Library.

ADD / ADHD Work and You

  • Focusing at Work: Pay Attention in a Chaotic World
  • Got Time? Productivity Through Time Management
  • Practical Strategies for Setting Priorities
  • Procrastination and ADD / ADHD: Strategies for the Real World
  • Self-Coaching for ADD / ADHD Gain Focus, Manage Time and Pay Attention
  • Taming the To-Do List with Effective Prioritizing
  • Time Management Answers for Adults with ADD / ADHD

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