Last week I was busy preparing for and attending the CHADD Conference in Orlando, FL. It was a great conference and I connected with some wonderful ADD / ADHD professionals. Some of them will be joining me over the next few weeks on ADHD Support Talk Radio. Before I left for the conference Dr. Ari Tuckman joined me to talk about Motivation and the ADD / ADHD Mind. This was a great show and if you missed it you can listen to it right here, on the show website, and on iTunes.



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    • Rob

      Thanks for the link Tara.

      I spoke to my own ADHD mentor this morning, who had just gotten back in from the conference. He spoke very highly of it, I hope you got as much out of it as he did!


    • adhd

      I am glad to hear that you have joined the said conference.. and Yeah your right, connecting with some ADHD professionals is really wonderful.. nice experience though

    • iPad Disabled

      It’s really great that someone like you have able to join a productive conference regarding motivation and the ADD/ADHD Mind. In fact, I have so many questions in mind and I’m willing to learn every tidbit of it. For you Ms. Tara, what is the most important information you have learn in the conference that would really capture the entire conference main message?

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