For the past several months there has been a growing ADHD Medication Shortage across the United States. There's still no answer as to why the medication shortage is happening. The FDA is blaming the Pharmaceutical companies and the Pharmaceutical companies are blaming the FDA. There are also lots of different speculations on why this is happening.

This shortage is causing problems for both Adults with ADD / ADHD and Children with ADD /ADHD across the United States. Some people have had to go to numerous pharmacies before finding one that has their medication in stock. Some people have had their medications switched because their medication they have been taking for years can't be found. Some people have just stopped taking medication all together because they can't deal with the all the hassle.

CHADD has decided to do something about the medication shortage. They need your help first though. If you or your loved takes medication to treat ADD / ADHD please fill out this confidential survey.

    2 replies to "ADHD Medication Shortage: Help Needed"

    • Walt

      This situation remains problematic and we still have no answer from the Pharmacy or Physician as to what is causing the shortage and/or when it should be resolved.
      Had a short-term (~30 Day) Backorder last time and now none available. Will be filling out survey as well.

    • Andrea Cochran

      Who can we contact to ask questions? Our Congressmen? The FDA? The pharmacy and docs don’t know anything helpful so how do we push the ball forward? What do we need to do? This situation is TOTALLY INSANE! How is it right for the government to be telling patients they don’t need this medication because too many people are on it? How is my son supposed to function in school, without disrupting everyone else because he can’t focus for five seconds? Please, let me know what I can do to help solve this! I have a pretty loud voice when I need it!

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