KindleSo, a few months ago I finally broke down and purchased a Kindle. I thought about getting one for some time and finally agreed it was the right time to get one.

There are some great ADD / ADHD books for the Kindle like :

The Kindle is great! It saves space and is really portable. It has the option for me to listen and have the books read to me. It also keeps the battery charge for MONTHS at time too!

So then what's the problem with the Kindle? It needs a power to cord to charge the battery when it finally does run out.

So here's where my ADD comes in! A couple of month ago I put the Kindle cord and adapter in a SPECIAL place so I would not lose it when I needed to recharge it.

The good news is that I FINALLY remembered where the special place was! However it took me some time and searching a few different places before I located it. Guess this time I need to set up some type of reminder for where I store the Kindle cord!

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    • Terrance

      Hah. That works for my keys and my wallet. I always put them in the same place, so I can always find them. Not so much for the cords to charge my various gadgets.

      I finally gave up and came up with a different solution: buy multiple cords for various locations. bought separate cords for the places I’m likely to plug in my Kindle. I have one for my desk at home. That one does not move. It stays there. When I’m working at my desk, I plug in the Kindle. When I’m done, unplug the Kindle and the the cord plugged in and waiting for next time. (I do the same with my phone.)

      I have a separate cord that stays in the backpack I carry to work, which also contains my laptop and everything I need to go with it. There’s also a plug for my iPhone. (I also have a power cord for my laptop that stays at home, and one that says in my backpack.) I’m thinking of buying a cord for my nightstand, so I can plug the Kindle in before I go to sleep.

      What I’ve learned about myself is that if I unplug it, and move it, I’ll never find it again.

    • Amy W.

      I could so totally see myself doing that. 🙂

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