LauraWow, I haven’t posted about ADHD Support Talk Radio here on my blog for quite some time. There were some great shows this past month too! If you missed any of them you can listen to them any time on the ADHD Support Talk Radio website and on iTunes. This past week my guest was Laura Rolands and we had a very interesting discussion about Distractions and ADD / ADHD.

Laura Rolands is the founder of LSR Coaching and Consulting, LLC. She is a coach whose passion is to support, lead and inspireindependence and success for people who have either been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD or who are facing other attention-related challenges. Her clients include individuals with attention-related challenges and/or their parents. Laura has been featured on Making a Living with Maggie Mistal on Sirius/XM radio, listed as one of 50 Special Ed Teachers and Experts Worth Following on Twitter and recognized as an ADHD expert by

Laura Rolands a is regular presenter at and these classes of hers can be found in the ADD Audio Library.

ADD / ADHD Work and You

  • Focusing at Work: Pay Attention in a Chaotic World
  • Got Time? Productivity Through Time Management
  • Practical Strategies for Setting Priorities
  • Procrastination and ADD / ADHD: Strategies for the Real World
  • Self-Coaching for ADD / ADHD Gain Focus, Manage Time and Pay Attention
  • Taming the To-Do List with Effective Prioritizing
  • Time Management Answers for Adults with ADD / ADHD

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