Luann2This past week my guest on ADHD Support Talk Radio was LuAnn Pierce. LuAnn and I had great discussion about some the different challenges and issues adults with ADD / ADHD face at work. LuAnn also courageously shared her very own personal story about the challenges she’s faced in the workplace. If you missed Work Challenges and ADD / ADHD you can listen to it for free on the ADHD Support Talk Radio site and on iTunes.

LuAnn Pierce is a licensed clinical social worker and person with ADHD who lives in Denver, CO. She recently launched a blogsite for and about adults with ADHD and related mental health issues. The blogsite focuses on traditional and non-traditional treatment for ADHD, with an emphasis on psychosocial wellness. LuAnn is a therapist and coach. She recently published two new ebooks: Facing the Giant: ADHD in the Workplace (free to download) and In Search of Your Best (ADHD) Self: Psychosocial Skill Development

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