This past week on ADHD Support Talk Radio I was joined by Jonathon Carroll. We had a great discussion about Alternative Treatments for ADD / ADHD. As always if you missed the live show you can listen to it anytime on the ADHD Support Talk Radio website or on iTunes.

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    • Crusher

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    • Melanie

      I just finished listening to the show and it was very informational! My son had ADHD and it is a struggle sometimes to get him to focus. One website that was really helpful for me to better understand how to deal with his ADHD is Your blog is a very helpful resource for me as well.

    • Ida

      Think i’m gonna start reading this blog. Think it’s interesting, cause i’m myself in a group with girls (ca from 15-19) with ADD here in Norway. There are many difficulties following with ADD, and we’re gonna coach new members who gets the diagnosis in the future since this diagnosis is much underrated and stuff.
      I need to learn more about ADD 🙂

    • Zac Davis

      A peaceful and fresh environment can be more conducive for a child’s mental progress and understanding. You can also have assistance from others including skilled professors and therapists since they’re experienced to cope with ADHD treatment.

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