It's time for another special guest video from the 2012 Online ADHD Awareness Expo. This week's featured video is from Linda Hillger and she and I talk about the Control Command Center. In addition to Linda Hillger's special guest video there are 24 more helpful ADD / ADHD videos in the ADHD Awareness Expo Archives that you can watch again and again and again!

I also want to let you know that registration is now open for Linda's Adult ADD BootCamp Organized and in Control. The Winter 2013 session starts on January 17, 2013. Space in the Enhanced section is limited to only 10 people and it will sell out very quickly. Be sure to Register ASAP to reserve your spot!

    5 replies to "Linda Hillger and The Control Command Center"

    • Gabe CaggianoCa

      It’s somewhat disturbing a woman with no medical or academic credentials has the audacity to promote herself as an ADD expert. And in the 25 years Linda Hillger has been talking about ADD, why has she not become a licensed therapist, counselor or social worker? Moonbat quackery is dangerous.

      • Lisa

        Coaches don’t require certifications. I hired Linda. She’s an awesome coach!

        • Lucy Dillon

          When the bar is extremely low and people don’t know any better, compliments are not difficult to harvest.

    • Indrid Cold

      I have a suggestion. Perhaps Linda Hillger could become an accredited coach through the ADD Coach Academy like Lynne Edris. Any credential is better than none,right? And if Linda is reluctant to do that, perhaps she should ask herself what is holding her back. And then ask Lynne Edris for help.

    • Lucy Dillon

      I see Linda Hillger is also a self appointed ” professional organizer” who does podcasts with a woman who is a ” spiritual enterpreneur” and an ” intuitive empath”. And if you want to clear the electromagnetic smog from your home, Linda can walk you through the process using a huge pair of imaginary scissors. Very,very impressive.

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