Jeff-croppedThis past week Jeff Siegel joined me as my guest on ADHD Support Talk Radio. We had a candid discussion about Frustration, Humiliation and Adult ADD / ADHD. Many of my readers know Jeff from his blog Jeff's ADD Mind. He's been blogging about Adult ADD / ADHD since 2005.

We have been getting great feedback about this week's show.

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    1 Response to "Frustration and Adult ADD / ADHD"

    • rita

      Hi Tara,

      I have been a longtime part of the Adhd community. I just discovered your sites, and this blog. Wow! I love both sites…I was following your work in past years and I just want to tell you how much I see you growing in so many ways. You make me want to return to the community and participate again!

      Thank you so much Tara for all you are doing for this community!

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