As a person with Adult ADD / ADHD, reminders can be a lifesaver. Some people do well with programs like Remember the Milk. There are also 101+ different Apps avaible for smart phones too. For far too many people those type of programs are not enough or people expect too much from them. Those programs will alert you and wake your brain up a bit but they don't provide the accountability that Adults with ADD / ADHD often need. It can be far to easy to ignore those program since there really isn't anybody on the other end.

For years I have been working as an ADHD Coach and providing educational and support resources. One of the most common services Adults with ADD / ADHD have been seeking is somebody to simply remind them to do things and check in with them to see if the tasks have been completed. People thought they were looking for an ADHD Coach to do this but this is something an assistant would do.

I am happy to anounce that is now accepting new clients into our Text Message Reminder Package. It's a simple, effective and affordable service. You let our ADHD Assistants know what you would like to be reminded to do and we remind you and check in with you. 

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