ADDBootcamp125x125The 2013 Winter Session of Adult ADD BootCamp – Organized and in Control begins on Thursday January 17, 2013. This is our longest running and most popular program at At we understand that many adults with ADD / ADHD often struggle financially and this is why we offer scholarships for all of our support programs. The deadline to submit an application is tonight (1/10/13) at 11:59 pm EST.


Here's what people are saying about Adult ADD BootCamp:

“Yes, this bootcamp is definitely worth taking, worth every penny. Why?
Because it puts substance into your day. How? by laying paths for you to
follow principles. You start living the way you want. This bootcamp
helps us believe in ourselves and creates substance; a roadmap of sorts.
We just need to follow the route, use our planners. Just do it. Enjoy
wherever your dreams take you.”

“This course has been great!  Each section has added more control to my
life. This course has helped me organize my work area immensely.  I
feel I have more control over bills, mail, taxes, budgeting, and many
more things.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who has ADD.  We
often think of ourselves as being odd and different than others, and I
guess we are.  It’s good to be able to see that there are other people
like me and be able to communicate with them.”


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