Ok, I know logically that I can only do one thing at a time. I also know that when I'm spinning and can't decide what to do first, it really helps to make a quick list of the things I want or need to get done. I do know this!! I really do!!

Here I am hours into working and I still haven't completed the 2 most important items that I wanted to. My mind keeps drifting because I didn't make a list. My disorganized ADD Mind keeps jumping to other things!! I don't have something more organized than my mind bring me back on track!

If I can locate a pen that works, I'm going to go make a list and get those things done now!! Blogging wasn't on my list today but here I am blogging!

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    • Rob

      Can relate to this so well. It also reminds me of a crossword clue which asked ‘Lethargic- disorganized shopper?’. The answer was LISTLESS which often describes my psychological, logical and hopelessly disorganized existence.

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