Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I wrote an article and sent out a newsletter. It's been on my "ToDo List" for quite some time now but I until now I just haven't sat down to write. I do admit at first I felt somewhat guilty but then I took a real look at the reasons I didn't write and send it out.

I have been VERY busy with other things! It'snot that writing and sending out the newsletter wasn't important. It was and is! It's just that the other projects ended up becoming higher priorities for me. It also made me realize that order of importance isn't the same as the order I prioritize things. 
It made me take a look what items had become
high priorities for me. 

Deadlines and Accountability: 
The items that turned into my highest priorities over the past few months were ones that had both a set deadline and ones where I was accountable to other people. The Free ADDClasses.comTeleseminars and Paid Programs ended up being my highest priorities.
partnered with other people on these projects and we agreed on dates. Not only was I accountable to my colleagues but I was also accountable to the people who registered or who might want to register for Teleseminars and Support Programs.

Wow, this seems really simple to me now! 

It's not that writing my newsletter and blog weren't as important to me as the programs. Then there is my ADHD Support Talk Radio Show too. ADHD Support Talk Radio is theMOST listened to Online ADD / ADHD Radio Show. 
It too is just as important (maybe even more) as the Programming but I choose when it airs and I choose who to have on as a guests. I didn't have the built indeadlines and accountability

I now know some of my keys to prioritizing

What about you? 
Think of the things in your life that you DO Complete and that get done first. What do those things have in common? If you have found it, maybe that's how YOU prioritize your life too. 
Maybe there is a way to add those things to some of the items that you do want to get done. Maybe there is a way for you to move those projects and tasks up higher on YOUR list of priorities.

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