ListenI've recently received some emails asking why we use an audio format for our classes at Some people told us they believe that because they have ADD / ADHD they won't be able to pay attention long enough to listen and comprehend the classes. 

Well, we don't expect you to sit still on the telephone or in front of your computer for the full class. We encourage you to engage other parts of your brain while listening to our classes.

Here are the top 3 ways Adults with ADD / ADHD listen to our classes. 

Many members have told us they listen to our classes while exercising. I'm somebody who needs music to exercise but I know many people who listen to audiobooks, podcasts and classes while working out. 

Many of our members also listen to our classes while doing housework. I'm always amazed at the people who come up to me at conferences and thank me for the classes in the ADD Audio Library. They tell my they love listening to them while doing the dishes. As somebody who hates doing the dishes, I'm so glad I can help!

Finally, quite a few of our members listen while driving (and other forms of commuting). Sometimes I like music when I drive. Sometimes listening to a class or podcast while driving long distances really helps me with the drive.

What about you?

How do you listen to our classes?

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    • Laura Rolands

      I completely agree with exercising while learning. I get super bored running to music, but give me something to learn and I am sufficiently distracted!

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