As a person with ADD / ADHD I really need Deadlines, Guidelines, and Boundaries. I may not meet the deadlines, nor follow the guidelines to a "T", and well I love to see how far I can go when it come to boundaries. I don't consider myself rule breaker just for sake of breaking rules but I do sometimes like to "push the envelope". Though I may not like them, I really need these things to exist and be there. If they aren't there, I have nothing to work from! I get completely overwhelm led which can lead to problems for me and others!

What time do you want to meet for lunch? 

"What ever works for you.." ,"I don't care, you decide…", "When ever you can get there…", "When ever you are ready".

These type of responses don't work well for most Adults with ADD / ADHD. It works so much better to give us a time that we can work from. Even if it doesn't work for us we have something to start with. If you want us to show up for lunch at lunch time give us a time.

Oh and when a person with ADD / ADHD asks for a deadline to get paperwork in for an ADD / ADHD related event – Give her one! Telling her there is no deadline is like telling her she doesn't need to get the paperwork in – EVER

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