NEWExpo120x240Just in case you haven't been bombarded yet by the ADHD Awareness Month Emails, I'm here to let you know October is ADHD Awareness Month. A team of people in our community want to spread information about ADD / ADHD. That's great but they also want you, somebody personally affected by ADD / ADHD join them.

I'm speaking out to ask you to stop and think before you shout out to the world that you or a loved one has ADD / ADHD. I'm also asking to stop and think before you put your time and energy into planning an event or joining the ADHD Awareness Month Education Train! Stop and ask yourself if this is in YOUR best interest!

I take a bit of a different view on ADHD Awareness than some. Yes it's great that people have chosen educate the world about ADD / ADHD. However it's think it's also important that those personally affected by ADD / ADHD are aware of the different resources out there for ADD / ADHD.

This is why 3 year ago I created the Online ADHD Awareness Expo. I wanted to be able to share the wonderful resources that are out there to help people affected by ADD / ADHD. I hope that you will join me this year at the FREE Online ADHD Awareness Expo and that you will learn about some new resources to improve your life. 

Tara McGillicuddy

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