Have you heard about the Virtual AD/HD Conference? It’s an online event that I highly recommend.

The Virtual AD/HD Conference brings together adults with ADHD from all over the world, and empowers them with the information, tools, and resources needed to succeed. 

Best of all, this is an online event – there's no travel required!
The Virtual AD/HD Conference takes place October 7-10, and it’s a unique opportunity that allows you to:

·        Connect with top ADHD experts

·        Interact with other ADHD adults from around the globe

·        Master the information, skills, and tools that I need to successfully manage my ADHD… without ever leaving home!

The Virtual AD/HD Conference has been running for 6 years now, and this year that conference organizers have crafted an agenda of 8 “ADHD Master Classes” designed to help you:

  • Get a thorough understanding of ADHD, and how it affects you
  • Build the skills you need to successfully manage your ADHD
  • Discover practical tips, tools, and resources that will make your life easier
  • Understand and gain control of your emotional experience
  • Improve your focus and memory
  • Get organized in many areas of your life
  • Improve your relationships
  • Identify specific medical treatment options
  • Gain control of your time
  • Understand how your ADHD brain works
  • Identify and utilize your strengths

Everyone who registers will have access to the live Master Classes, as well as downloadable recordings and materials. Plus, there is an attendee website that encourages you to interact with your peers to share experiences, ask questions, and discuss the presentations.

I think this online event is truly a great value. You can register for the Virtual AD/HD Conference or find HERE.

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