I am really excited to let you all know about a great new resource that I am now offering. It’s called Ask Tara. I will be answering YOUR Questions about ADD / ADHD over at the Living with ADD Forum. Oh and best of all Ask Tara is FREE!!

Simply post your question in the Ask Tara area of the Forum and I will provide you with my best answer! 

Questions will be answered with in 1 week of being posted. 

Answers may included but are not limited to:

  • Tips
  • Strategies
  • Suggested Tools
  • Suggested Resources
  • Suggested Experts

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    • joelleb31@gmail.com

      I am struggling very bad, I am now on concerta I started on 18mgs and am now on 27mgs I believe. non-stimulants DO NOT WORK for me. I experience really bad side effects. I am a 25 year old female, however I do not feel any better on concerta. ive been on it for like a month and I see my psychiatrist tomorrow. since I am not a doctor, im not sure how long this med takes to actually start to work, I will let him know. Maybe I need a higer dose or maybe I need to be put on a differ adhd medication? I cannot concentrate still, I cut people off when their talking, I talk fast a lot of the time, I can not retain most information or I have to ask like 5 minutes later “wait what did you say” I have horrible time organizing and staying organized, I cannot finish one task, im always on to something else, forgetting I was doing the first one. SERIOUSLY I JUST WANT HELP!! IT IS SOO HARD AND FRUSTRATING TO EVEN LIVE WITH MYSELF LIKE THIS! -JB

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