2013-09-26-fiverrI know many of you have heard me reccomend Fiverr on my ADDClasses.com Teleseminars and on ADHD Support Talk Radio. For some reason I hadn’t blogged about Fiverr as an Awesome Task Management Tool for Adults with ADD / ADHD yet.

As you may know from listening to me I often recommend 2 strategies to Adults with ADD / ADHD. They are getting help from others and Delegating – getting somebody esle to do the project or task for you. One of the responses I often when I recommend this is that people can’t find people to do things and/or they can’t afford to pay somebody to help them or do things for them.

This is why Fiverr is great for Adults with ADD / ADHD. On Fiverr which is a Micro Job Site, you can find people to do just about any type of virtual task for ONLY $5.

Think right now about some of the tasks you have been procrastinating on and not getting done. Are any of these tasks something you could pay somebody else just $5 to do for you?

I’ve been using Fiverr myself for more than a year and I have been quite happy. I strongly recommend making just a $5 investment and getting somebody else to do what you have been procrastinating to do yourself.

Tara McGillicuddy

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    • Matthew


      Interesting to use Fiverr to assist with ADD and tasks we may not have time, want to do, etc…

      Any insight in what type of tasks you have found are best suited for Fiverr?

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