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LaurieADD / ADHD and Medication is a controversial, confusing and often overwhelming topic. Because I am not a medical professional myself, I usually do not discuss ADD / ADHD and Medication. I like to leave that to the actual medical professionals.

I want to make sure that all my blog readers are aware of a class my friend an colleague Laurie Dupar is offering starting on September 1, 2014. It’s called Minimize ADHD Medication Madness: Taking the Mystery Out of ADHD Medication. Laurie knows here stuff when it comes to ADD / ADHD and Medication and she also knows how to explain it so people understand!

I highly recommend checking this class out!

Tara McGillicuddy

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  • Clara Auty

    Reply Reply August 26, 2014

    This is a great idea. Don’t you wish more doctors took the time to explain the meds they prescribe? Also, looks like there are some pretty handy organizational tools associated with the class.

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