I have a request to my fellow Bloggers, and other people with an online presence in the ADD / ADHD Community! 

Before you post something that stirs up controversy or sparks a debate can you PLEASE think about how distracting this can be to your audience. Those of us affected by ADD / ADHD have enough distractions to fight off already! We also have enough negativity in our lives already too!

So please, the next time you send out a newsletter, write a blog post, post a Facebook Update or Tweet something, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ask yourself how the content is really going to affect your audience! 

Thank You!

Tara McGillicuddy

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    • Clara Auty

      Good reminder, Tara. Its important to try to keep things respectful and as positive as can be, and to try to stay away from being purposefully inflammatory.
      I hope you can find time to post some practical hints on how readers may filter out distracting internet content. I think ADHD blogs, no matter how respectful and careful they may be, always will contain content that is distressing and distracting to some, depending on previous life experiences.
      I will start with the one I can think of, which is: Don’t feed trolls.

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