There's been so much out there lately about how great meditation is for everybody. There's also research showing it's helpful for ADD / ADHD too. That's all great but far too many adults with ADD / ADHD think that they can't meditate. 

This is a false belief! Anybody can meditate even somebody with ADD / ADHD. It's okay if your mind wanders! Just go with that!

Many of us with ADD / ADHD are complicating meditation way too much. To start out all you need to do to meditate is breath deeply for a few minutes! Yes, it really is THAT simple

Do you meditate? Are you interested in meditation?

I have some great news for you! I just started a FREE Online ADD / ADHD Meditation Group over at Living with ADD. In the ADD / ADHD Meditation Group you can share meditation resources, succes stories and support. 

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    • Na

      I just want you to know that it infuriates me when I read articles like this. I know for a fact that the person who wrote it doesn’t have ADHD and has no idea what they’re talking about period and I’m so sick of people saying it’s in your head or that you can do it because it is something that is crippling to some people. I have been trying to meditate for months daily and I cannot do it because I have ADHD so maybe next time write an article about something you know

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