The main reason I began 11 years ago was to provide affordable and accessible support and education resources for Adults with ADD / ADHD. Back in 2011 when the economy was really bad I began to realize that though the programs we offered were the most affordable around there were still some people that could not afford them. This is when I began to offer a scholarship program.

Here are some Do's and Don'ts when it comes to submitting an Scholarship Program application:

  • DO Follow Directions: If you do not follow the directions you will not receive a scholarship! 
  • Don't Complain that we don't offer scholarships for the enhanced section of a program.
  • Don't Complain that the early bird rate ends before we award the scholarships.
  • Don't include the fact that one of the reasons you don't have money for our program is because you have spent too much money on other people's ADD / ADHD programs and services.
  • Don't email us multiple times asking why you have not heard back about your application when you didn't follow directions. 

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