I've been getting some traffic to my blog recently from people searching for Dr. Phil and Adult ADD / ADHD. The blog post people are finding is from 2007. I don't remember the details of the show Dr. Phil did back in 2007. According to that blog post I really did not like the show at all and my post was quite negative. 

For the record I do not watch Dr. Phil any more or follow his views on ADD / ADHD. It's my hope that 7 year later he has a better understanding of Adult ADD / ADHD and is actually helping people if he's still doing shows on the topic of Adult ADD / ADHD.

If you have found my blog because of the Dr. Phil show I'd like to let you know about some of the resources that I offer to support Adults affected by ADD / ADHD.

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      Hello Tara,

      Considering your command on the subject I would want to ask you regarding which pills work better for ADHD, Addrena or Adderall?

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