MedicationI often receive emails and other requests asking for my advice about ADD / ADHD Medications. I am not a medical professional and am not qualified to give out any advice about ADD / ADHD medication. As an ADD /ADHD Coach I focus on skills, strategies and tools.

The good news is I am able to recommend resources for ADD / ADHD Medication advice. There are 3 great classes in the ADD Audio Library which address ADD / ADHD Medication issues.

  • Neuroscience and ADHD: New Discoveries – Brain, Meds and Neuroscience with Dr. Charles Parker
  • The top three ADHD Medication Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them with Laurie Dupar
  • ADHD Medication Answers with Dr. Kenny Handelman

Also, 2 great online communities to connect with other people and discuss ADD / ADHD medication issues are:

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