My guest this past week on ADHD Support Talk Radio was Lynne Edris. She joined me to discuss Procrastination, Avoidance and Overwhelm. We have been getting great feedback about this show from our listeners. Make sure you take a listen and don’t procrastinate!



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    • wilfred mann

      The American Psychiatric Association highlighted micronutrients as an effective treatment for mental illness this month. My doctor recommended Hardy Nutritonal’s Daily Essential Nutrients (an affordable micronutrient supplement) YEARS ago, and I have been successful and off meds ever since. It’s great to see the medical professional industry rally behind a natural supplement for mental wellbeing.

      You can read about this more on this natural news site: or the press release here: I think we should get the word out about viable, affordable, natural treatments that work for stress, anxiety, adhd, depression…this stuff really should be talked about more.

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