SheriWe have some great classes in the ADD Audio Library from top ADD / ADHD experts. Today I am featuring Sheri Hall. Sheri has presented some excellent Teleseminars at and has received wonderful feedback. Sheri Hall is a trained and experienced ADD / ADHD Coach. She has 15 classes in the ADD Audio Library.

  • ADD Friendly Writing
  • ADHD Project Time
  • ADHD, Anxiety and Worry
  • Adult ADHD and Hyperfocus
  • Behaviors and Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Getting from Point A to Point B
  • How to Make *Life* Stimulating
  • How to Skate Through the Holidays
  • Introduction to ADD/ADHD
  • Late Again?
  • Plan for Success at College
  • Setting Up Systems That Work
  • The Biology of ADD
  • The Perfectionism Battle
  • The Routines of Life

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