TrumpOver the past few weeks I've been getting a lot traffic to my blog from people doing searches about Donald Trump and ADD / ADHD. Back in 2005 after watching The Apprentice I wrote the blog post Does Donald Trump have Adult ADD? It's now coming up #1 on Google for Donald Trump ADHD.

Yes, Donald Trump still shows a lot of signs of Adult ADD / ADHD. Maybe he could win the presidency if he hired an ADD / ADHD Coach. I'm guessing he'd be a very challenging client to work with! (Sarcasm)

He seems to be doing and saying what ever he wants right now. I think this has more to do with the fact that there really aren't any consequences to his actions. He loves attention and is actually being rewarded when he shoots his mouth off. He loves any and all attention and it stimulates his brain when he gets it.

I'm sure the media will start getting bored by Donald Trump soon and stop giving him so much attention. Either that or he will upset the wrong (or right) person and have some real consequences to his actions.

I know I'm bored by him already and sick of his negativity! 

I would like to thank Donald Trump for bringing so much traffic to my blog though! I also want to thank him for inspiring me to write this blog post.  I'd also consider having him as guest on ADHD Support Talk Radio


Tara McGillicuddy

    5 replies to "Donald Trump Adult ADD / ADHD"

    • You need to go w Obama and the rest of the idiots. Donald will prevail!

      Why would Donald Trump ever, ever want to get rid of ADHD as it has led him (if he has it) to his success in life.

      ADHD is a Godsend when in the correct position to capitalize on it.

      Sick of his “negatively”, lol, you need to get a reality check on the State of the Union and the world.

    • Jonas Bech

      I’m guessing there are many many many more ADHDers/ADDers who support Trump – or at least do not support the political “left” – out there.

    • Steve

      I’ve been wondering about the possibility that Trump might have ADD for a while. I finally found myself watching him speak in an unstructured setting today and that brought my thoughts sharply into focus. So I did a little research to see if he might have been diagnosed somewhere. And while there isn’t any definitive information out there, I think it’s an almost inescapable conclusion that Trump enjoys Adult ADD. Now I’m going to start looking into the possibility of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    • Dee

      Clearly add and scary narcissistic personality disorder. Also low self esteem so that he has to continually boast and lie, pretending all his failures were triumphs. Researchers found he lies every 5 minutes. An amazing con artist! I find myself starting to buy into it until I think what he says througjh

    • Shawn Harper

      I don’t want to get into whether Trump is good or bad, or even whether his possible ADD is helpful or hurtful. I have opinions on this, of course, but it helps to narrow focus sometimes.

      I found this post because I have come to the conclusion, like others, that Trump has ADD (perhaps Bush had dyslexia — there are indications of that too, including positive things — he was noted by peers as having off-the-charts social skills at Yale, which may only be by comparison — Yalies are not known to generally be social butterflies.)

      First, he got in trouble at his local school in Queens. His dad intervened and sent him to MILITARY BOARDING SCHOOL. Why this in particular? Hmmmm…. After an adjustment period, he apparently thrived, including being captain of the baseball team.

      In the Art of the Deal, he describes several things 1. Being hyperfocused on business opportunities WHILE at Wharton. 2. A series of unconventional and creative moves as a fledgling businessman.

      Later, I have watched early interviews with him where he has a certain “air” to him that may be somewhat common to “businessmen” more than CEOs, that I would term “impatience” — impatience with details, impatience with excuses (which are themselves details) —- that doesn’t mean that he is not able to absorb or understand or remember details — it is just more likely that people like that are the opposite of the type (and I have noticed these types tend to HATE each other) that habitually allow themselves to get so bogged down into details, research and thinking that they never act, or act way too slowly to be effective, and they tend toward jobs that are better suited for that particular tendency.

      He also has been asked if he would run for President (never senator!!) since at least the 1980s — in a 1980s interview, he said that he possibly would, but that he had too much a tendency to say things that he thought were true (or that “were true” — whatever) that would be a big handicap for him. I don’t see this as mere self-praise. I see it as self-assessment, that he could only do well in a situation where his particular diplomatically challenged way of expressing himself would be deemed a net positive.

      It is likely why he did not run against B. Obama — Obama indeed has a gift, and one of the tasks of that gift is a smooth ability to make the Other Guy look like the bad guy even if that is not what is actually going on at all. People on the Right worried that Clinton, while certainly not having this gift, by mere virtue of being a woman would be able to turn aggressiveness or criticism into making her opponent the bad person merely by some gender-judo — but Trump (and also I) diserned that Clinton could not really use the Chivalric Brain, the fact that she was a woman, to her advantage in this particular way, since her personality is such that much of the electorate feels that she does not have the personal traits that are deserving of special protection, and that only a small percentage of voters, whether they tended to agree with her or not, felt that she deserved ANY consideration that a man (such as “Low Energy Jeb or Little Marco or Lyin’ Ted” would get.

      Trump likely saw this truth and thought that Clinton would be easier to beat than Obama.

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