Laurar14FREE Teleseminar

Date: Wednesday July 29, 2015

Time: 9:00 pm EDT

Do you have trouble focusing at work? Join us for this Teleseminar with Laura Rolands as she shares strategies to help you pay attention in our chaotic world. Laura’s simple and practical approach will help you: 

· Reduce your tendency to multitask
· Stay with the task at hand
· Start what you are procrastinating
· Finish what you start
· Decrease interruptions and limit their impact
· Remember (and meet) deadlines
· Listen to what’s important.

Laura will also allow time to answer questions from Live Teleseminar attendees. There is a FREE 1 week replay for this Teleseminar for everybody who registers before the Live Teleseminar begins.

It's okay if you can't make the live Teleseminar! If you register before it begins you will be able to listen to a FREE Replay until 8/5/2015. If you happen to come across this blog post after 7/29/2015 you may access the Teleseminar in the ADD Audio Library.

Register now for this FREE Teleseminar

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