KeysWe live in a society where shortcuts and quick fixes are the norm. Finding ways to get things done quicker and easier makes perfect sense. I’m a stronger believe in working smarter instead of only working harder. Sometimes the shortcuts and quick fixes out there do more harm than good though. Far too often they can enable us or just put a bandaid on the problem and this prevents us from finding better solutions to help us thrive.

The gadgets that can help us find our lost keys and phones are a great example. These gadgets can be a live savers for people and using using them once in awhile makes complete sense. However when we use them all the time it doesn't really help us to look at what really going on and come up with solutions. There will be items we don’t have “finders” for and we will continue to struggle with those items unless we change our behavior.

What’s a better strategy when it comes to being able to find items when you want or need them? 

Try this! 

  1. When you enter or leave a room or your home, STOP!
  2. Take a deep breath
  3. Pay attention to your feet and feel them touching the ground.
  4. Wiggle your toes!
  5. In your mind picture your feet forming roots.
  6. Picture those roots shooting down into the earth like tree roots.
  7. Pay attention to your keys (or other item).
  8. Hold them in your hand and feel them.
  9. Pay attention to how they feel.
  10. Take another deep breath.
  11. Put your keys in their home.

Practice doing this multiple times throughout the day with you key or other items.

 I just did this twice and timed myself. The first time, I did it very quickly and it took me 17 seconds. The second time, I did it slowly and it took 30 seconds. So this is a quick and simple strategy. 

I challenge you to try this!  

Tara McGillicuddy

    1 Response to "How to Stop Losing Your Keys"

    • Sean Desilva

      Most definitely working smart is better than working hard. For those of us who get bored easily, it is a win-win

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