Melissa-150x150Struggling in Your Relationship? This Seminar Can Help…

If you and your partner are struggling the way that most couples impacted by ADHD are struggling, you are likely suffering through unnecessary pain.  Did you know that:

  • Research suggests that 50-80% of adults with ADHD can find treatment(s) that significantly improve their management of ADHD.  But you have to know how to optimize treatment to see these gains
  • It’s not all about ADHD – and couples where one or both partners think it is will continue to struggle rather than repair their relationship – for a VERY long time
  • Because of the ADHD and responses to ADHD, anger in your relationship is inevitable – until you learn very specific ways to change direction

You know that your problems won’t disappear tomorrow – if it were that easy you would have tamed them by now!  Which is why you need help from someone who has experience leading couples away from the hurt, anger and loneliness of ‘the ADHD Effect.’  Melissa Orlov's upcoming 8-week phone seminar can set you on the more loving and positive direction you seek.  I know Melissa – she has spoken at a number of times, and she has given her ADHD Effect In-Depth couples seminar by phone for more than 5 years.  It has helped many, many couples.  She says one common question she gets is "How do you know this stuff?!! Have you been a fly on our living room wall?"

I encourage you to consider registering for the upcoming session that starts this coming Monday, April 4th at 8:30pm eastern time.

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