MonicaIn my last blog post The ADHD Psychic Indigo Connection I mentioned that I'm exploring the connection between ADD / ADHD and Indigos. Over the past couple of years I've met several Psychic Mediums and Spirit Mediums and many of them have mentioned that they also have ADD / ADHD or displayed many ADD / ADHD traits.

Some Mediums have let their ADD / ADHD traits be shown to the world by having their own reality tv shows. One of the newer shows out there about a Spirit Medium is Monica the Medium. The premise of the show is that Monica Ten-Kate is a 20 something college student who has trouble leading a normal life because she's a spirit medium who keeps getting bombarded by messages from dead people AND she just has to deliver the messages right at the moment she receives them.

Monica's problems are NOT not a result of her being a spirit medium!

Her problems result from the fact that she is a Spirit Medium who:

  • Has Poor Boundaries
  • Has Poor Social Skills 
  • Struggles with Executive Functions
  • Has Issues with Impulsivity
  • Has Challenges Regulating Emotions
  • Has Poor Time Management Skills
  • Is in her "Own World"

Mediums do have the choice and ability to say no or not now when they receive "a message from spirit". Mediums with Ethics, Boundaries, Respect and Common Sense do not just walk up to strangers on the street, in a store or in a bathroom and ask to give them readings. Just like ethical ADHD Coaches don't walk up to complete strangers who have signs of ADD / ADHD and coach them, ethical mediums don't walk up to complete strangers and start reading them!

Monica the Medium is more of a show about a young woman who has not yet learned to manage her own life and her ADD / ADHD than a show representing typical mediums. Monica Ten-Kate does NOT represent any of the Psychic Mediums or Spirit Mediums who I know.

Tara McGillicuddy

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