Delete-FilesA theme that keeps coming up lately for many of my clients is that they have many items on their to-do list that they are not getting to. To make matters worse they are feeling badly about this and beating themselves up. Many are looking for systems and tools to get everything done. 

Learning new strategies and developing ways to be more productive makes perfect sense. What often makes even more sense to be realistic and truthful about the items on the list. Maybe it’s time to admit those items are not a priority right now and give yourself permission to take them off the list and to feel okay about doing so. 

There are some items that you can just remove and be done with. There may be other items that you can delegate to other people or automate. There will be some that you can come back and reevaluate at a later time. There will be some that can be done with improved systems and strategies

Whether you have an actual written to-do list or just a bunch of tasks, projects and ideas in your head, I challenge you to examine the items. Which ones can you take off? Which ones can you delegate to somebody else? Which ones can you automate? Which ones can you schedule to reevaluate next week or next month?

Remember, our priorities change. What may have been a top priority last year may not even be on the radar as a priority today. If things are not making it to the top of our priority list there are reasons for this. It’s more helpful to better understand why our priorities may have shifted instead of beating ourselves up because they have.

Tara McGillicuddy

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