StopAs most of you know there has been a lot of negativity and violence in the media. I for one am standing up and speaking out that enough is enough. I'm not just talking about the actual violence itself but the media coverage. I'm also talking about people and organizations spreading the fear and negativity online through social media and email. It's not good for anybody especially people with ADD / ADHD to continuously be exposed to negativity and violence. 

If you are joining for me next week's Succeed with ADHD Telesummit you will be able to listen to my presentation Combat Negativity and Thrive with ADD / ADHD. In this presentation you will learn why it's very important for somebody with ADD / ADHD to Combat Negativity. I will also be offering some ways to combat negativity in your own life.

Remember that even if you can't control the crazy things going on in the world you can control your exposure to such things. You can eliminate or reduce the news you watch and pay attention to. You can block or unfollow people on social media who flood your feeds with negativity. You can stop supporting organizations which spread negativity. If it's right for you personally, you can also speak up and tell people enough is enough.  

Being exposed to violence, negativity and traumatic events is damaging to your mind, body and soul and you do not have to put up with it. You are in control! 

Many of us with ADD / ADHD are sensitive and empathetic people who feel the need to make changes and help others. Some people are under the false impression that they must stay informed of world events to in order improve the world or help people. I'm telling you straight out that is not the case! 

Here are some ideas to make the world a better place with out exposing yourself to all the negativity and trauma in the media. 

  • Do a Random Action of Kindness for Somebody
  • Join a Prayer group or Healing Circle
  • Send out positive energy and thoughts to the world
  • Pay it Forward
  • Volunteer for an organization that focuses on improving lives
  • Make a donation to a charity or a family in need
  • Smile at a stranger 

Remember that in order to make the world a better place it's essential to take care of yourself first and practice proper self-care.

Tara McGillicuddy

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